by Darling Nicky

IT'S A KULTURE TING...the journey continues.


It’s a “Kulture” ting… the Journey Continues

Church of Nativity Hall
10 Sewells Road, Scarbrough, ON
4:30 p.m.


TORONTO, ON. – Concerned Friends of Toronto Cultural Icon Louis McWilliams, along with the Scarborough Caribbean Youth Dance Ensemble will host a fundraiser on Sunday, April 21 at 4:30 p.m. at The Church of Nativity in Scarborough to raise much needed funds to assist with medical expenses in both the short-term and long-term recovery of Mr. Louis McWilliams, a well respected SCYDE alumni.   The fundraising event aptly named It’s a Kulture ting…the Journey Continues will feature many of Toronto’s renowned Caribbean artists all lending their artistry to an evening filled with dance, music, art, storytelling, raffles, prizes and much more. The entertainment filled event is set to feature Kevin A. Ormsby / KasheDance, Tamla Matthews, Caribbean Dance Theatre, Keith Pascall, Hummingbird Dance Group, La Petite Musicale, and Calypsonians Eulith Tara Woods (a.k.a. Macomere Fifi), Michael Thomas (Redman) and Guney Cedeno (Guney).

Currently residing in Trinidad and Tobago where he is an Instructor at UWI (University of the West Indies), tragedy struck with an accident that took place on Saturday February 16, 2013.  Through no fault of his own doing, an explosion of a power washer in Louis’ yard involving two workmen when one attempted to pour gas into the tank while it was running caused an explosion which set the house on fire, trapping the innocent and unsuspecting Mr. McWilliams inside his home, who had no other choice in saving his life but to run through the fire. In the process, he sustained burns to over 50% of his body, face and head.  He was transferred from the Intensive Care Unit to Ward 43 of the Port of Spain General Hospital which is a general ward with no specialist treatment for burn victims. Therapy is done once daily but, in his condition, he should receive therapy more frequently.  His doctor recommends that he should be transferred to a private hospital, preferably West Shore Medical, where, he would receive specialist care and receive therapy at least twice a day. West Shore’s fees are approximately TT$1100.00 per night and his recovery time will be approximately three months. We know that his insurance will meet a portion of the costs and his sister is endeavouring to ascertain exactly what percentage that will be.  It goes without saying that long-term medical treatment, rehabilitation and reconstructive surgery are all on the horizon for Louis.

A call to action from Louis’ family and friends, in life and in Arts, is rippling through the city and should you wish to contribute to Louis’ recovery, donations can be made at any TD Canada Trust branch to Acct. # 6487432 Transit #1029.

Your supportive attendance is requested at It’s a Kulture ting…The Journey Continues, April 21st, 2013, 4:30 pm, Church of Nativity Hall, 10 Sewells Road, Scarbrough, ON, M1B 3G5.  Admission/Donation is $10.00.

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For information:

Kevin A. Ormsby | kashedance@hotmail.com

Press Inquiries:

Darling Nicky | darlingnicky.ca@gmail.com

Mr Williams holds a Master of Arts Degree from York University, Toronto, is currently the Coordinator of the Theatre Arts Unit and Lecturer in Theatre Arts and Dance at the Department of Creative and Festival Arts, UWI. In 2009, he had the distinction of directing the first theatrical production, Dance Me Lover by Ronald John,at the National Academy of the Performing Arts (NAPA). At the Department of Creative and Festival Arts UWI, he has directed and co-directed numerous productions including March To Caroni; Fragments; Bitter Cassava; View from Belmont; Man Better Man: and Guineas Other Suns Other directing credits include: Sing De Chorus; Ah Wanna Fall; Ten to One; No Ticket; The Dragon Can’t Dance and Ogun Iyan – As in Pan at Carifesta X in Guyana. He has directed over 50 productions in T&T including a Triology written by Rawle Gibbons

He has also directed all of the prior Broadway Musical productions of Must Come See Productions. These include Crazy for You (2005); Fiddler on the Roof (2006) Oliver! (2007); The Sound of Music (2008); Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (2009) and Elton John and Tim Rice’s Aida (2010).His overseas credits include Light the Flambeaux (1997), Toronto, and BonJou Ma Titi (1999),St Lucia. From 2003, Louis ventured in the area of playwriting when he wrote and directed The Saga of Little Man and followed up with Culture Mama and The Journey which were performed by the Malick Folk Performing Company, the group of which he is the artistic director. Louis is pursuing his Ph.D. in Cultural Studies.