by Darling Nicky


Radio more than any other medium is defined by the quality and delivery of its sound/audio.  For more than 26 years CHRY 105.5FM has been defined by its unique and diverse sound.  This week CHRY takes the bold step of re-defining its sound for their listening audience and engagement of a wider demographic. The sound to be presented is a partial preview into a larger organizational shift currently in progress.  Earlier in 2013 CHRY embraced the undertaking of reimaging and reconnecting with the long-standing traditions of radio and quality content development, they further embodied it in the tag line: Your Leading Source for Diversity.  This latest step in enhancing their audio is to illustrate a commitment to excellence in broadcast media through sound design.

As of  Monday November 25th, 2013 listeners can tune-in to the sound and imaging launch.  As you go between the varied programs CHRY offers, the new ‘signature voices’ will help navigate you through the diversity in language, cultural and innovative music/spoken word programming.  As a burgeoning not-for-profit social enterprise, CHRY has secured two entirely new, yet wildly experienced and talented voices to the Toronto broadcast market.

Don Amiche and Jessica Gomes represent a winning combination of vocal command and appeal. Don Amiche (Los Angeles) has dominated ratings in broadcasts world-wide from Barbados to the United States and will entice Toronto markets. Jessica Gomes (Australia) is a Jill of all-trades from International fashion magazine campaigns with Vogue and Victoria Secret; her voice is most readily recognizable as the ‘Maybach Music Girl’ heard millions of times over on the top hip hop music label releases of Maybach Music (owned by rapper Rick Ross).

CHRY is pleased that this new sound design project will clearly respond to the expectations of its advertising clients across the GTA, who appreciate the impact of radio and its ability to move their products.  And further recognize that the economical campaigns structured by CHRY now further place their small/medium sized business budgets in line with their large market competitors. As the city’s “leading source for diversity” and ambassador for small business and community campaigns, CHRY encourages you to listen all day, all week for the shift in sound at 1055 FM and follow us on all social media outlets at chryradio.

Based in Toronto, Ontario CHRY 105.5FM is the market’s leading source for diversity on the FM dial. Our signal broadcasts to a base residential audience of over 1.6 million and offers a varied program schedule showcasing a strong mix of language, culture, lifestyle and talk programming. As a recognized leader in community-centric broadcast CHRY Radio Inc. (105.5FM) sustains a mass listening audience by working with leading and credible ambassadors of identified causes, musical genres and communities to deliver content that expertly fills the void of local ‘points of view’ and culture absent in media across Canada. You can tune into CHRY across the GTA at 105.5FM and across Southern Ontario on several digital cable providers and worldwide at: or (Mobile APP)

For Media & Information Contact: Station Manager-Danae Peart // Program Director-Randy Reid