Toronto Comedian MALIAKA BRYCE launches “Laugh-A-Thon Campaign”

by Darling Nicky

May 16, 2014 —  For Immediate Release

Comedian MALIAKA BRYCE launches “Laugh-A-Thon Campaign”


Toronto funny girl, Maliaka Bryce is seriously funny as she aims to serve up good vibes with the production of her Indigogo crowd sourcing campaign “The Maliaka Bryce Laugh-A-Thon Campaign” to raise $15,000 to cover the production costs of her sure-to-be hilarious comedy DVD. Maliaka plans to post a hilarious new joke or skit online via Facebook /Twitter/ InstaGram everyday starting May 9, to May 20, 2014 in order to raise funds and awareness for her project.

Exactly what is a Laugh-A-Thon anyway? Think a marathon of laughter, only coming up for air with a healthy dose of “I know someone like that!” in-between. Comedienne, Host and Producer, Maliaka Bryce is a Toronto-based entertainer who has performed for over 40,000 people creating laughter and fun with her unique brand of Jamaican/Canadian humor while growing a loyal fan base.

And if laughter is the best medicine, then O/D on Maliaka, your comedian pharmacist of choice; because everybody feels better when they laugh, and tend to be a little more liberal with their spending too. That’s where the donations come in.  The Maliaka Bryce- Laugh-a-Thon is loaded with perks and benefits with sponsorship packages starting from only $45 dollars. More information and to donate click here …


The Last Laugh

You’re either laughing with or at her. Maliaka’s entry into the world of entertainment in 2002 was like a stand-up comedy drama; It took her weeks of pleading to get the owner of a local sports bar in Montego Bay, Jamaica to agree to let her emcee the bar’s karaoke night. On her opening night she was booed off the stage. The owner, however, saw something in Maliaka and, to the utter dismay of the patrons; he invited her back the following week to try again. Maliaka took the snide remarks in stride, cried A LOT, but refused to give up.

Within two years, she was dubbed Mobay’s Queen of Karaoke and her sultry voice and quirky personality landed her a radio show on one of the island’s most popular station’s, Mello FM. Maliaka jumped from Jamaican radio to the acting stage and finally to Jamaican television before she returned to Toronto in 2010 with a nomination from the Actor Boy Awards, their Oscar’s, for Best Actress in a supporting role.

Having headlined her first one-hour special on April 4, 2014, hosted by Jay Martin, Maliaka is ready to take the next leap forward towards becoming a household name in Canada and the Caribbean while honing a reputation as the entertainer of choice. Cue production of hilarious, high-quality comedy DVD for international distribution…but she needs your help.

Invest in LAUGHTER and Feel Good

The average cost for this type of production ranges from $60,000 to $200,000.00. However, during her 12 years in the industry, through her connections and friendship with some of the best production and creative specialists in Canada and them lending their support, Maliaka has significantly reduced the overheads to only $15,000.00 (which is almost like getting it done for free, almost!)

Laughing Matters

Wonderful things happen in your mind and body when you laugh, besides the urge the use the lavatory. We’ve all experienced how laughter instantly improves our moods, helps keep life’s challenges in perspective, greatly reduces stress, and improves sex. So do yourself a favour and laugh, hard, laugh often and laugh with Maliaka. No contribution is too small, so this is one time size doesn’t matter!

To make your donation or for more details please check out the Indigogo crowd sourcing project page entitled MALIAKA BRYCE – Laugh-A- Thon Campaign  or

Need A Pick-Me-Upper?

Head over to Maliaka’s website for the joke of the day. Be sure to check the site 4 to 5 times weekly for new jokes guaranteed to make you feel good.

Contact Person:

Maliaka Bryce
Senorita Productions